‘Loyalty tests’ go viral on TikTok as women worry about faithfulness

People on TikTok are trying to catch their partners in the act with a loyalty test. 

Partners unsure if their significant others would cheat on them are trying to entrap them by sending TikTokers into their DMs. The hashtag #loyaltytest has over 657 million views on the app. Many people are failing the loyalty test, but some TikTokers are even making money off conducting them. 

What is the loyalty test on TikTok?

The test was designed to determine if someone is being faithful to their significant other. Typically, the person will ask a friend or follower to send a flirtatious direct message to their partner. 

Then, the person gauges their partner’s responses for honesty or a lack thereof. Basically, the partner should be quick to mention that they’re in a relationship or end the convo.

Loyalty tests have become a for-profit business on TikTok

TikToker @clare.ruddy received $100 to message a follower’s girlfriend. Luckily, the girlfriend passed the test by showing her partner the messages @clare.ruddy had sent. 

The user @honeysplce was asked to message a follower’s husband, a high school teacher. The wife wondered if her husband would ever be inappropriate with his barely legal students. So @honesplce messaged the teacher, posing as a former student. Unfortunately, the teacher failed and asked for her number. 

Xavier Long is also scoring cash by conducting loyalty tests. Someone paid him $200 to determine if their girlfriend was a cheater. The girlfriend did not pass. 

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