Lululemon leggings TikTok hack: ‘I was shook when I found out’

Life hack alert! Lululemon will hem leggings into biker shorts for free!

TikTok user, Sonali (@so_narly), loves to share lifestyle and fashion tips with viewers. And this one is great for your wallet, closet, and the planet!


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Sonali begins by sharing a tale as old as time.

“I had old Lululemon leggings just laying around my house ‘cause they were kind of past the point of selling. They had a lot of pilling and some had holes below the knees.”

Here’s where the magic happens. 

She continues, “So, I just found out you can get them hemmed for free at Lululemon. So I took my full-length leggings and got them cropped into biker shorts and they are so cute, I love them so much.”

Wow! And for any skeptics reading, this is true! Lululemon will hem or shorten any tops or pants you like. For. Free. No receipt or tags required. 

For those looking for more sustainable ways to engage with their wardrobe, Lululemon’s hem hack is an awesome way to upcycle or repurpose clothes to fit your life at all stages. It’s also a great hack for hand-me-downs so that clothes can fit their new wearer just right! 

Plus, there’s no expiration date on Lululemon’s hemming program.

“I’m just so happy that I could repurpose them. They’re actually so old, they’re from high school and I’m post-grad right now so they’ve lasted me so long,” Sonali admitted. 

“I hope this life hack helps someone else out because I was shook when I found out,” she concludes. 

‘Wait WHAT?!’

And judging by the comments on the video, it definitely did help others!

“Wait WHAT?!” wrote one very surprised TikTok user.

“Wait foreal?? I have some old [Lululemon] leggings and I would totally get them hemmed into biker shorts,” wrote another commenter who is well on their way to making their bike shorts dream a reality.

When life gives you leggings, make biker shorts!

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