5 Lunar New Year recipes to help usher in the year of the tiger

Lunar New Year is a predominantly East Asian holiday that marks the first new moon of the lunar calendar and involves numerous celebrations and gatherings with family and friends. Many Lunar New Year traditions center on delicious food, and with the variety of Lunar New Year recipes on TikTok, it’s easier than ever to join the fun! Here are five Lunar New Year recipes to help usher in the year of the tiger.

1. Spicy chili oil noodles


I think yi mien is a Cantonese tradition, what does your family eat for lunar new year?!🧧❤️ #LunarNewYear #chineserecipes #chinesetiktok #easycooking

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Lunar New Year wouldn’t feel complete without noodles. This recipe involves flat noodles mixed with chili flakes, sugar, ground cumin, sesame oil, salt, minced garlic, chopped green onion, soy sauce, Chinese black vinegar and hot oil. Top with sriracha for an extra kick.

2. Pineapple tarts


🧧Happy Lunar New Year! May this year bring you happiness, health & wealth. #pineappletart #recipesoftiktok #tiktokfood #arizona #lunarnewyear

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You’ll want to snack on these buttery pineapple tarts all night. The recipe is inspired by treats that TikToker and food blogger Panther Rin (@panthereats) used to get with her mother in Thailand. She makes the cookie dough from a mix of flour, rice flour and powdered sugar combined with butter, egg yolks and vanilla. Before baking, each flower-shaped piece of dough is topped with a ball of chilled pineapple jam. 

3. Mut dua

A classic Lunar New Year treat, mut dua are Vietnamese candied coconut ribbons. To make them, soak coconut shavings in coconut water before mixing them with sugar and salt. Next, let the coconut mix sit for 20 minutes, then split in half. Add a few drops of pandan extract (taken from pandan, aka screwpine, leaves) to half of the mixture before cooking it on medium-low for about 15 minutes, making sure to stir every few minutes. Repeat this step with the remaining half. Then set them on paper towels to dry before serving. 

4. Tang yuan sweet rice dumplings

Sweet and chewy, tang yuan is a Chinese dessert packed with flavor and texture. Begin by mixing boiled Chinese yams with rice flour until it forms a dough. Next, pinch off a piece of the dough, flatten it, and add red bean paste or black sesame paste for the filling. Finally, boil the balls for three to four minutes or until they start floating. Then finish with a sprinkling of osmanthus flakes.

5. Scallion pancakes


Green onion pancakes just in time for Lunar New Year 🏮🧧#lunarnewyear #tiktokrecipes #asianrecipe #recipesoftiktok

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Scallion (or green onion) pancakes are a Lunar New Year staple. To make your own, combine flour with boiling water to form a dough. Next, divide the dough into smaller pieces and flatten them. Then coat each flattened piece of dough with a mix of chopped green onions, salt, pepper, flour and cooking oil. Roll the dough into a cylinder, then roll the cylinder into a snail shape before flattening it again. Finally, pan-fry the pancakes until they’re golden brown, and enjoy!

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