Lunch ladies had the best Easter egg prank for these preschoolers: ‘Gross’

Some clever lunch ladies seriously got one over on these adorable preschool students. 

Preschool teacher @tpage346 on TikTok shared what happened when some of her pupils got pranked by the school’s lunch ladies. April Fools’ Day is the only day of the year where it’s socially acceptable to lie and deceive. Let’s just say these cafeteria workers weren’t completely forthcoming about an Easter treat for the children


April Fools Day joke on the Pre-K students compliments of our amazing lunch ladies #april #prekteacher #suprised

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“April Fools Day joke on the Pre-K students. Compliments of our amazing lunch ladies,” the teacher wrote in the caption

While picking up their lunch trays with fruit, hamburgers, milk and potatoes, the kids thought they were being given an Easter surprise. Each student was allowed to choose a plastic Easter egg with the hopes that there would be something special inside. But when the preschoolers opened the eggs up there was only steamed broccoli — what a dud. 

“Gross!” a student exclaimed, opening their egg.

“What is it?” the teacher asked

“It’s broccoli,” the student replied with horror. 

People on TikTok loved the lunch ladies’ harmless little April Fools’ joke. 

“My youngest would be super excited to get an egg filled with broccoli,” someone said

“I love this! The kids probably enjoyed telling their parents when they got home,” another wrote

“How awesome to have lunch ladies that remember being a kid,” a person commented

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