Dad’s ‘cleaning hack’ for messy lunchboxes has TikTok parents cracking up: ‘You’re not wrong’

A dad has got the perfect solution for when his kids come home with messy lunchboxes. 

Sometimes you send kids to school with a perfectly presentable lunch, and they come back with a bonafide disaster. TikTok loves @markchrispy’s so-called “cleaning hack.” While the Canadian influencer’s specialty is his reaction videos, every now and then he’ll give his 619,000 followers an inside look at his life.

Back in December 2019, the father dropped some necessary parenting advice regarding packed lunches. 

“I think there are many that can relate,” he said in the video. “My daughter’s school is doing this thing where they have them packing up their own lunches. And I always come home to this.” 

He opened up his little girl’s lunchbox. It was full of garbage and stray bits of sticky food. Not a good look. 

“So I’m gonna show you a quick hack to clean it up,” the father said. 

He tossed that dirty lunchbox straight in the trash for a hilarious twist. Parents chimed in in the comment section to express their support for this so-called “hack.” 

“Wasn’t expecting that but you’re also not wrong,” one person said

“LMFAO. I’ve thrown out three lunch bags so far this year,” another wrote

“Oh, I’ve done it, my friend. I’ve been precisely there,” a user commented

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