Luxury RV TikTok might make you rethink your current living situation

LiTRV is reimagining RV life as a luxury experience. 

In the wake of the ongoing lockdown, camping out in a fancy mobile home does sound awfully compelling. Fortunately, if you want a glimpse at what “glamping” (glamorous camping) looks like, the company posts enticing peeks inside its large, tour bus-sized vehicles.

Videos of glitzy, glossy interiors with state of the art equipment fill LiTRV’s TikTok. It’s no wonder the company has amassed over 354,000 followers — a little escapism never hurt anybody. 

One video with 1 million views shows an RV complete with camel-colored leather couches, plenty of legroom, a small area with cooking equipment, a bedroom with a giant bed and a full bathroom with a shower. 

Another popular tour with over 2.2 million views is even more decadent. It features a 2021 Entegra Coach bus. The design looks ornate and immaculate with two massive flat-screen televisions, buffed wooden floors, giant couches, a full kitchen sink with marble tabletops, a fridge, a private bathroom with a massive bed and a spa-like bathroom. 

LiTRV’s most popular clip racked up over 22.6 million views. The featured RV is more minimalist than the others, with small but chic gray sofas, a dining booth and a tiny television

“The space inside this bus is astronomical,” one user commented

“I bet this cost more than my house,” another said

“That’s a house on wheels,” someone wrote

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