TikToker baffles viewers with video of her ‘awful’ tattoo mishap

A TikToker is raising eyebrows after sharing how her attempt at getting a Mac Miller tattoo went horribly wrong.

The now-viral saga began when user @izzy38255 posted a video of herself leaving a tattoo appointment in 2021. In it, the TikToker both cries and laughs while explaining that she got the “worst” tattoo after trying to get something to honor the rapper Mac Miller. He died in 2018 at age 26.

In a second video, @izzy38255 explained the full saga. Apparently, she asked her tattoo artist for an image of a cell phone with the words “missed calls” printed on the screen — a reference to one of Miller’s songs. She also requested for the tattoo to be 2 x 3 in. in size.

However, she somehow ended up with the size printed on her body as well.

In that second video, @izzy38255 explains that her tattoo artist added the digits “2-3x” onto her arm, right beneath the words “missed calls.” She goes on to detail how and why she missed the mistake as it was happening.

“The [2-3x], I didn’t see it on the stencil,” @izzy38255 says. “And when she was doing the tattoo, she had me lay down flat with my arm completely bent, like sideways. And when I did look over, it was mostly just her head [that I could see].”

The TikToker also pointed out that many lines on the tattoo seemed crooked and oddly shaped. That said, she took full responsibility for the error.

“I know I’m stupid,” she said. “I know it was my fault.”

But many TikTokers argued that it was the artist’s fault instead. Plenty of viewers took to the comments section to criticize the work.

“OMG, you need a refund EXPEDITIOUSLY!!! I’m so mad on your behalf right now,” one user wrote.

“You need a full refund or [to] have someone fix it,” another added. “I’m so sorry. That’s rough.”

“She literally scribbled it on,” another user wrote.

Thankfully, @izzy38255 managed to fix the tattoo. In a later video, she explained that she had a different artist fix the image by covering up the mistake and straightening the artwork.

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