TikTokers just realized what the ‘Macarena’ is really about

Have you ever looked back on a beloved childhood memory and realized, hey, that was certainly not meant for kids!

TikTokers are all coming to the same realization after one user asked what songs his followers listened to when they were younger before realizing they were “really dirty.” User @peakay81, who posted the initial question, also answered his own prompt later that day.


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He revealed that the song “Macarena” by Los Del Rio, which is associated with a relatively easy pre-TikTok viral dance that’s been performed at weddings and other parties since its release in 1996, is actually pretty raunchy.

According to a HuffPost translation of the Spanish lyrics, he’s not wrong. Here’s an excerpt:

Give your body joy, Macarena
Because your body is meant to be given joy and good things…
Macarena has a boyfriend who is named
Who is named with the last name Vitorino
And while he was being sworn in as a conscript
She’s giving it to two friends

Basically, it’s about an attractive woman named Macarena whose boyfriend gets drafted, so she cheats on him with two friends. Not exactly what most would consider to be wedding material.

Commenters were shocked.

“How am I supposed to dance the Macarena again with this info,” one user wrote.

“Thanks, you ruined my childhood,” another said.

“You just ruined my 22 years of fun and innocence,” a third echoed.

Back in 2015, the website Distractify asked a couple of 90s kids to guess what the upbeat song was about. They though it might be about dancing and assumed it was an upbeat message.

They were wrong, and you probably were too when you were dancing to the song at your elementary school.

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