TikTok users baffled by man’s ‘life-changing’ computer keyboard hack

A TikTok user is going viral after showing off a MacBook keyboard shortcut that seemed to take many viewers by surprise.

Technology hacks are a favorite topic for many TikTokers. In the past, users have shared their tricks for sending “undetected” text messages, accessing “secret” codes on Netflix and “disguising” apps on an iPhone.

This latest tip comes courtesy of an account called @mac_hacks, which unsurprisingly, shares plenty of tips and tricks for TikTok users. Their MacBook keyboard shortcut, which has more than 2 million views, showed off a little-known method for changing your computer’s volume.

“Haters will say they knew this already,” the TikTok wrote in their caption.


Haters will say they knew this already…. #mactips #macbooktips #macbookhacks #fypシ

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In the video, @mac_hacks shared a trick for adjusting your MacBook’s volume in “much smaller increments.”

To do so, simply hold the shift and option keys at the same time, then use your volume buttons to control the sound. You should be able to make tiny, incremental changes this way.

As the TikToker notes, this trick allows you to “fine-tune” your computer’s volume to the exact level you want.

Many TikTok users were blown away by the life hack, with some even calling it “life-changing.”

“Why didn’t I know this?” one user asked.

“I’ve worked with Macs for years and never knew this,” another admitted.

“What???” another added.

Some commenters were less impressed, though. Many users complained that the hack didn’t work for them — as it’s possible certain older software and hardware models may not allow this feature. Others claimed that having a touch bar on their MacBook basically made the hack unnecessary.

“Touch bar queens unite,” one commenter wrote.

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