Mafia: Definitive Edition has a rage-inducing mission that’s driving fans up the wall: ‘I’m going insane’

A frustrating mission in Mafia: Definitive Edition has spawned a flurry of memes from tilted players.

Users on /r/MafiaTheGame are bonding over the shared agony of trying to complete “Fair Play,” in which the mafioso Tommy Angelo must sabotage a top racer’s car and compete in the Lost Heaven Grand Prix himself.

“Fair Play” was infamous for being rage-inducing in the original Mafia game which released in 2002, a distinction which seems to have been carried over into the 2020 remake.

“Been fighting with it for 3 hours now. I’m getting f****** bothered,” one Redditor vented. “I completed it back in the days in the OG version but this is whole another story.”

“Classic difficulty, 3 hours in,” another Redditor reported. “I’m going insane.”

“Not even overexaggerating,” another Redditor said. “This is the hardest mission I’ve ever done in a game. Ever.”

The aggravation stems from two things in particular: the unwieldy nature of the game’s 1930s era race cars and the fact that the game’s AI is a cheating b******. Neither of these factors are issues for most players but for anyone playing the game on Classic difficulty (the game’s hardest setting), they become significantly harder to the point where the race feels more like a scam than a challenge.

Bumping into something as innocuous as a patch of grass can send you flying into the air. A light tap into another car can drag you completely off course. On straightaway roads, the AI-controlled race cars rapidly accelerate to top speeds that are impossible for the player to achieve.

As a result, “Fair Play” has been cited by hardcore players as the toughest mission in the game’s entire campaign. Some have already thrown in the towel and bumped the game down to a lower difficulty just for this one mission. 

So, why are some players putting themselves through the agony of playing “Fair Play” on Classic? Bragging rights. Mafia: Definitive Edition’s coveted Made Man achievement trophy can only be earned through beating the entire campaign on Classic difficulty, which includes the hated “Fair Play” mission.

Here’s my tip as a sympathetic player who overcame this hellish sequence on Classic: brake hard before the big turns. The AI is, indeed, a cheating b******, but if you maintain full control of your vehicle, you’ll eventually gain on all the other racers and they’ll watch helplessly as you cross the finish line.

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