These ‘magical’ pouches will turn your bonfire flames into bright rainbow colors

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Add this to your list of unnecessary, but absolutely cool things you need from Amazon: Magical Flames.

Magical Flames are small, sealed pouches than when tossed into a fire pit, turn the flames into bright, mesmerizing colors. Imagine rainbow-colored flames. Kids and adults will love it, especially for summertime bonfires. And, the color-changing effect will last for over an hour.

Credit: Amazon

In the past, you may have seen color-changing logs, sticks, pinecones and crystals for changing the color of your fire. But Magical Flames are safer, because the sealed pouches will protect you from inhaling or touching any chemicals. Keep in mind, however, you’re still burning chemicals, so you should practice cautious distancing and avoid cooking any food over the flames.

Magical Flames, 25-Pack, $24.95

Credit: Amazon

You can get a 25-pack of Magical Flames pouches for only $24.95 on Amazon, which is obviously about $1 per pouch. Many reviewers claim that it’s much cheaper than buying the individual packs from most camping stores. You can test one on the fire, or use a few for longer-lasting effects and more colors.

But seriously, Amazon reviewers love Magical Flames. More than 6,600 shoppers give them a 5 out of 5 star rating.

“This product delivers exactly what they say and then some,” one reviewer wrote. “Lasts a good long while — we had the fire going for over five hours and used four packs (two to start, two more halfway through). The color palette is vivid blues, teal, green, even rare hints of purple.”

“These are awesome,” another reviewer wrote, adding that “if you put a couple packages of the Magical Flames in different areas of the fire, you get a really cool effect. They need to be placed where the fire can whip up over the bag to cause the best effect. A few trials and got it to work great — easily repeatable. I’ll be buying more!”

If you’re planning to have any bonfires this summer, or want to make your fireplace really shine, give Magical Flames pouches a try. Sure, it’s not something you need to do, but rainbow flames are definitely a fun addition to any night at home.

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