This magician paints impressive celebrity portraits with his feet

Shimshi is an illusionist and painter. His tricks have earned him a coveted spot as the resident illusionist at Las Vegas’ Wynn Resort and Casino, plus appearances on “The Ellen Show” and “America’s Got Talent.”

If you don’t know him for his mind-boggling card tricks, you might know him from his foot paintings on Instagram and TikTok.

“I created different kind of videos, but the one that really got viral is me painting with my feet,” Shimshi told In The Know. “So essentially, I’m painting a whole painting of celebrities and different people that I admire, heroes of mine, with my feet. And they start out on purpose looking like not much, but then, hopefully, they’re OK.”

The artist has painted famous figures like Billie EilishMartin Luther King Jr. and Eminem. Shimshi even incorporates his feet paintings into his work as an illusionist. The artist says that once somebody gives him a celebrity to draw or once he decides who he wants to draw, he gets to work bringing them to life — all with his tootsies.

“Somebody thinks of a celebrity. I start to draw it with my feet. It looks like not much. And it’s like, come on, give me a break. I’m just using my feet,” Shimshi told In The Know. “And then, slowly, I start telling them who they’re thinking of. And right before their eyes, you know, it becomes something. And they turn it over, and that’s the celebrity they’re thinking of.”

As a kid, Shimshi was passionate and had numerous hobbies. But magic is what stuck.

“We’re all, like, fascinated by magic and how it works. But I was one of those kids that was really obsessed. There’s something about performing and doing magic. It was just amazing … seeing people’s reaction,” Shimshi said. “And yeah, once I did the first show, I was like, OK, I started becoming more obsessed with that and did just that, neglected kind of everything else.”

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