Bride slams maid of honor over her ‘attention-grabbing’ outfit choice: ‘What a stupid idea’

A maid of honor upset the bride when she wore white to a lunch date.

The maid of honor (MOH) asked Reddit “Am I the A*****” for advice. She was asked to be the maid of honor by her friend of 20 years, Joy. The Reddit poster has been supportive of Joy throughout the wedding plan. That’s why it all the more surprising when Joy became furious over the maid of honor’s lunch outfit. 

“Last Sunday, Joy and I met with some of our friends for lunch (we are all vaccinated at this point),” the maid of honor explained. “Since it was the first time seeing friends in a while and we were going to a nice restaurant, I decided to dress up a little. It was pretty hot over the weekend so I opted to wear an old, white linen dress to our gathering (one I have worn many times). I thought everything was totally fine, but I noticed Joy giving me strange looks at lunch and only talking in short responses with me. I brushed it off as stress and when we got up to say goodbye, Joy left in a rush.” 

But later that day, Joy unleashed a bit of fury on the maid of honor. 

“I was had a bunch of angry texts from Joy saying she was disappointed in me and couldn’t believe I would try to ‘dull her shine during this special time.’ Apparently, she was furious that I had dared to wear white while she was the bride-to-be. I was FLOORED. I apologized (kind of) stating that I was sorry she was so upset, but that I wasn’t sure how my wearing white to a casual friend hang was a slight on her being a bride, nor how it was taking attention away from her. She flipped out and called me all sorts of names, and said she has no idea how she could have picked such an unsupportive and attention-grabbing MOH. I snapped a little and told her that while I respected she was getting married, that did not entitle her to a monopoly on the color white,” the Reddit poster wrote

Reddit users were on the maid of honor’s side. 

“I’ve never even heard that the bride wears white to wedding-related events like showers. What a stupid idea,” the user wrote.

“Bride doesn’t get to tell you what to wear on other occasions,” another commented

“Her reaction is absolutely over the top,” someone said

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