Former employees of major corporations are sharing alleged company secrets for a new TikTok trend

If there’s one thing that TikTokers love, it’s drama.

For evidence of this, look no further than some of the recent trends that have taken over the platform. In one trend, users are sharing the “really toxic” things they do. In another, they’re sharing traumatic stories that only get worse as they progress.

Recently, user @annaxjames created yet another drama-fueled trend. On Dec. 11, she made a video asking her followers who have “worked for a large corporation like a chain of a restaurant or a retail place” to share “the secrets that only the employees know.”

Of course, @annaxjames kicked things off by sharing a secret of her own. When she worked at Hollister “back in the day,” she revealed that things were “kind of messed up.” How? Well, according to @annaxjames, there were allegedly two positions at the store: back stock and model. Only the “models” dealt with customers.

“In order to be a model, you had to be attractive and in the interview process, they rated you on a scale of 1-10,” @annaxjames claimed. The “models” allegedly also had to keep their hair and nails natural and were only allowed to wear Hollister clothes that were navy blue and white.

“Every Black Friday, they always picked the skinniest girl to work in the front with the shirtless guy and they paid them more than everyone else for being the prettiest,” she added. “It was so messed up. It was always just on looks.”

The hiring practices @annaxjames talks about in her video have been reported on before. Back in the days of Gawker, the blog reported similar claims of hiring policies based on applicants’ perceived attractiveness, and several former Hollister employees have corroborated these claims on Reddit.

After @annaxjames shared her story, several users came forward with their own secrets from times they worked at other big box retailers and corporations.

In one video, user Michael Ryan talked about the time he worked at McDonald’s.

“They have so much science behind everything,” the former fast food worker revealed.”

Ryan claimed that the straws that McDonald’s uses are purposely larger “because it lets more carbonation hit your tongue and makes the soda tastes better.” Oh, and the soda itself? Apparently the company commissions Coke to make a special syrup with more sugar and flavor.

He also said that the grilled chicken is allegedly injected with a salt/water mixture to keep it moist and flavorful. As for the chicken nuggets, they are supposedly made by Tyson and are “not that processed.”

Regarding the infamous ice cream machine, he claimed that it’s only cleaned once a week and that the ice cream itself is made from whole whipping cream.

In another video, former Target employee Lizzy Wong shared a surprisingly useful money-saving secret.


#stitch with @annaxjames how I save money at target

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According to Wong, Target price matches all of its competitors’ prices. All you have to do is go to guest services, show them that a competitor is offering a lower price for the same product and they will match it. This particularly comes in handy when Target is offering gift card incentives on popular products like Apple Watches. Genius!

TikTok user @atomictango had some similar economical tips from her time working at Kohl’s.


#stitch with @annaxjames it doesn’t work with kohls cash though 😔 #kohls #retail #borrowing #kohlscash #retailsecrets

♬ original sound – Mel

She claimed that Kohl’s employees are trained to follow a “Yes You Can” policy, which instructs workers to give customers a discount they’re fighting for if it’s less than 50 percent off the original price tag.

“If you were fighting for an item to be 40 percent off, we were supposed to just give it to you, not call a manager, argue with you or anything,” she said.

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