TikTok just figured out that you can ‘make’ ginger ale by combining two popular sodas

A viral TikTok claims you can make ginger ale just by combining Coke with Sprite — and plenty of viewers seem to agree.

The trick, shared by user @crawking, is just the latest hack for making “homemade” drinks and snacks on the app. In the past few months, TikTokers have also shared their tricks for making Cheez-Its and Uncrustables at home. On top of that, others have shared recipes for homemade fast-food staples, like McDonald’s McGriddles and Taco Bell’s Crunchwrap.

Homemade ginger ale, meanwhile, seemed like a particularly exciting idea — especially because of how @crawking claims you can make it. In his clip, the TikToker says that all it takes is some Sprite and a splash of Coke.


@partyshirt ✅or🧢???? IT TASTE JUST LIKE GINGER ALE ##FactorCap ##Foodhack ##Food ##Love ##Drinks

♬ original sound – 🦞👑

The clip quickly blew up online and made its way to TikTok’s unofficial fact-checkers, Party Shirt. In their own video, the duo tested out the hack, and both were totally surprised by what they found.

“It tastes the exact same,” they said in the video. “That’s insane.”


Homemade Ginger Ale via @crawking

♬ original sound – PARTY SHIRT

Plenty of commenters seemed to agree. In fact, the only issue most TikTokers seemed to have with the trick is that they already knew it.

“That’s an old bartender trick,” one user claimed.

“It’s true, I do it at restaurants all the time,” another wrote.

“I bartended for a year, and we used that mix whenever we ran out of ginger ale!” another added.

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