Make your own soda at home with these delicious TikTok recipes

The next time you’re in the mood for a refreshing beverage, instead of reaching for a can of soda, why not make your own? Homemade soda is easy to make and, depending on your ingredients, can be much healthier than store-bought sodas. For some refreshing soda inspiration, head over to TikTok and try one of these five delicious soda recipes that TikTokers have invented.

1. Homemade nettle tea soda


part 1: homemade nettle soda soothes my belly! + a delish cocktail in part 2! #constancecooks #actorslife #homemadefood #healthyrecipes #soda @mswnyc

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For a soothing and healthy soda, try this nettle tea soda recipe. TikToker @constancecooks claims it’s not only delicious, but it also helps settle her stomach. To make it, add nettle tea and thyme to a jar with hot water and let it steep for eight to 12 hours. Then strain out the tea, add honey to the liquid, and heat on the stove to make your soda syrup. Combine with soda water, add lime juice and ice to make your nettle tea soda.

2. Homemade Harry Potter butterbeer soda

Harry Potter fans, rejoice! Now you can make your own magical Harry Potter-themed butterbeer soda drink at home. Start by combining vanilla syrup and soda water to make a homemade cream soda. Then, in a mug, add butterscotch syrup, and mix in your cream soda. Top with whipped cream and more butterscotch, and enjoy!

3. Homemade four-ingredient strawberry soda


This is a recipe for a more healthy version of soda! You can use different fruits too 🙂 #cooking #recipe #food #cookinghacks #diyrecipe #sodapop

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Fresh strawberries make this homemade strawberry soda truly special. Start by making a simple syrup by heating water and honey in a pan and mixing until the honey completely dissolves. Then blend up some strawberries, strain them, and pour the juice into your cup. Add soda water, the homemade simple syrup and ice. Enjoy!

4. Homemade fuljar soda

This flavorful Indian soda is as fun to prepare as it is to drink! To make it, blend mint leaves, cilantro, coriander, ginger, green chilies, sugar and salt. Add the herb mixture to a shot glass with a squeeze of lemon juice, some basil seeds and a bit more salt. Then pour soda water in a large mug, and drop in your shot glass so that the fizzy water overflows. Once the soda water is combined with the herb mixture, the soda is ready to drink.

5. Homemade ginger soda

This naturally carbonated ginger soda requires a bit of patience to make, but it’s so worth it! Start by grating ginger and placing it in a jar with sugar and water. Close the jar, and set it aside for three days. On the third day, grate ginger and cook it in hot water. Then strain the ginger out, and stir in sugar, more water and the ginger mixture from the first day. Cover the ginger soda, and let it sit for 24 hours. Then pour into plastic bottles, and let it sit for two more days. After the two days are up, your ginger soda should be naturally carbonated and ready to drink!

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