Makeup artist reveals unexpected way she practices beauty looks

Makeup artist Liza Kondrevich might use faces as her typical canvas at work, but like many in her profession, she got started by transforming blank sheets of paper into glamorous looks.

Face charts are standard in the beauty industry, but Kondrevich has elevated them to a whole new level

The author of The Face Chart Book said her practice is her “escape from reality.” 

“It’s like a meditation for me,” Kondrevich told In The Know. “When I started as a makeup artist I was introduced to face charts. When you’re working backstage or you have to prepare yourself for a photoshoot, you can imagine you have to work really quickly.” 

Face charts are typically used by makeup artists so they can keep track of looks for models on set.

“You use the same makeup to blend the look,” she explained. “You put it on a paper, write it down and then you know exactly what you have to use on models. Every makeup artist has to be able to create a face chart.” 

Most face charts aren’t as realistic and detailed as Kondrevich’s. Instead of just eye, cheek and lip makeup, she adds dimension, texture, highlights and contrast. 

“This is something I developed and this is my signature. You have to tell the story — what is the look about? If you practice on paper you develop some kind of technique that you can implement in the makeup on a model,” Kondrevich said. 

The pro makeup artist did have some advice for beginners. 

“Start on the paper. Be creative,” Kondrevich said. “It’s something you have to practice, that is why you have the piece of paper. It’s not easy but you have to be patient. If you want to achieve something you have to practice every day.”

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