Makeup artist stuns with character transformations: ‘My brain can’t handle this’

Karen de la Torre is a makeup artist with over 441,000 TikTok followers. 

De la Torre is known for her uncanny transformations into famous characters. The artist’s looks are particularly convincing because she can even conceal her eyes with body paint. 

When she donned makeup to look like Hector Rivera from “Coco,” she stunned her followers. De la Torre appeared in skeletal body paint with big bulging eyeballs. To spook her audience, she opened her actual eyes to show Rivera’s were drawn below her real ones. 

In a TikTok with 11.5 million views, she became the character Other Father from “Coraline.” De la Torre fixed his giant button eyes above her own and used Other Father’s signature spectacles to hide her eyelids. To make his long, slim figure, she “trimmed” her body using black paint. De la Torre mentioned in the clip that it takes between eight and 12 hours to produce each of her elaborate looks. 

The artist is getting into the Halloween spirit this October too. She cosplayed as the vampire Mavis from “Hotel Transylvania” for another jaw-dropping costume. De la Torre is unrecognizable as the goofy bloodsucker with cartoon eyes and a fang-toothed smile.  

It proved to be another hit with over 3.3 million views. 

“I can’t even find your real eyes. This is amazing,” one user wrote.

“Took me a minute to figure out what was what,” someone added.

“My brain can’t handle this,” another commented

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