Makeup artist transforms herself into a Bratz doll in seconds

One makeup artist is proving that the Bratz doll aesthetic isn’t so unattainable — if you’re willing to make a few unusual tweaks to your look, that is.

Margie of Margie’s Style is a makeup artist and glam guru. When she’s not manicuring and primping clients, she’s taking inspiration from pop culture to create unique looks. Whether it’s turning herself into Barbie or Bubbles from “The Powerpuff Girls,” Margie knows how to make a convincing illusion. 

For one incredible transformation, she becomes a Bratz doll.

First, Margie makes her eyebrows disappear with concealer. Next, she draws a new pair on just above her natural brow bone. Then Margie creates a new eyelid using dark and light brown shadow. She magnifies the scale of the eye to give it the signature Bratz look by outlining the shape under her real lid. Margie draws on winged eyeliner, fake lashes and blue eyes for the full effect.

Next, she overlines her lips with brown liner and fills them in with orange lipstick to make them look fuller. Margie’s perfectly rounded cheekbones only need a touch of blush to resemble the fashionable dolls. Finally, her look is complete. 

The TikTok with the complete transformation received over 1.2 million views

“This is freaking incredible,” one user wrote

“Wow, I love how you even included the eye glare on your eyelashes. Great job,” another said

“Next level makeup,” one person commented.

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