Makeup artist transforms into iconic Disney villain

This influencer sure knows how to become the king of the jungle.

Katie Elizabeth Butt is an unconventional makeup artist. The Insta-famous creator mixes humor, pop art and culture to create dramatic transformations. Few makeup artists could convincingly turn themselves into a Furby, a human jigsaw puzzle or a Fabergé egg the way Butt can. 

In July 2019, Butt used her pro skills to become Scar from Disney’s “The Lion King” reboot. 

For the ferocious look, Butt first overlays the outline of the lion’s face in brown pencil onto hers. Next, she paints her forehead and cheekbones with brown paint. Then she draws on Scar’s dark brown eyebrows before outlining his nose and snout over her mouth.

Butt uses tiny white strokes to create the illusion of fur. She draws Scar’s menacing, yellow eyes above her brown bone and adds his protruding fangs below her nose, painting his snarling teeth over her mouth. To top things off, Butt adds long, wispy whiskers. 

When she closes her eyes and mouth, Butt’s face disappears and all that remains is Scar’s vicious appearance. The look is perfectly accentuated by her dirty blonde hair that serves as his mane. 

The stunning transformation racked up 225,000 views on Instagram. Most users were floored by Butt’s before and after. 

“You are so talented!” one user wrote

“This is incredible,” another said

“You are an incredible artist,” someone added

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