Makeup artist undergoes drastic transformations into iconic cartoon characters

Annie Thomas of Creative Cliche is not your average makeup artist. While elaborate transformations are a touchstone of the artform, Thomas elevates the craft. The cosplayer makes her natural features disappear and uses her face as a blank canvas to create some hyperrealistic looks.

Take her Doug Dimmadome look, for example. Anyone who watched Nickelodeon’s “The Fairly Odd Parents” growing up will recognize the character. Thomas uses a blue background and blue makeup to eliminate any parts of her body she doesn’t want visible. By covering sections of her head and neck in the same color as the backdrop, the areas fade away. This allows her to outline the exaggerated and unusual shape of the cartoon character onto her body. 

Next, Thomas uses some serious drawing skills to etch the character’s image on top of her face, using the same bold, black linework seen throughout “The Fairly Odd Parents.” To perfect the transformation, she uses cardboard to make Dimmadome’s small, circular ear and large white cowboy hat. 

One of Thomas’ most popular transformations is another Nickelodeon star, SpongeBob SquarePants. It took nine hours to create the look and it shows. Not only did she manage to perfectly paint SpongeBob’s face over her own, she seamlessly integrated his cardboard legs, hands and hat. 


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She even uses her own eyelashes as SpongeBob’s for a realistic effect. To make his square body she attached cardboard to the sides and bottom of her face. Then she filled in the details of his dark sponge spots, white shirt, red tie, brown pants, tube socks and shoes. 

The hilarious video shows Thomas removing the makeup bit by bit. In the voiceover, she laments having spent hours on a transformation that may only get a few “likes” on TikTok.

Fortunately, she was wrong, the video racked up 6.2 million views. 

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