Makeup artist’s bizarre looks will blow you away

Amy Lauren is a makeup artist and her taste is both glamourous and a little spooky. On Instagram she’s byamylaurenmua and her unique looks set her apart from the rest of beauty bloggers.

Lauren sometimes opts for classic looks, like smokey eyes or bold winged eyeliner, but on more dramatic days, she flexes her skillful hand to create optical illusions. 

In one look, Lauren made it appear like her flesh, eyes and lips were melting off her face. In another, her face was completely cratered in. But nothing is spookier than the time Lauren sealed her lips closed to create the effect of a giant hand holding her mouth shut

In July, the artist combined her love of horror with some humor to blow away her followers. Lauren looks like she got caught in a wind tunnel. Her eyelid makeup is painted on to appear stretched out and veiny, and she drew a giant warped mouth on the side of her face with exposed teeth and gums. But what made the transformation sing was the off-screen fan subtly blowing her hair as she bulged her eyes out of their sockets. Mind blown.

Lauren’s witty makeup received over 6,500 views on Instagram

“This is amazing. Made me laugh ’cause I feel like it’s me,” one user commented

“I look this way when I’m driving my car. I love it,” a person wrote.

“Love this so much,” another said

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