Makeup artist’s over-the-top eye looks are gorgeous

Katie is a 21-year-old self-taught makeup artist from San Diego. 

With Katie, it’s all about the eyes. It’s a rarity for the artist to reveal a full-face of makeup on her Instagram at k80far. But there’s no need when her intricate eye pieces stand alone and take hours to complete.

Katie decks her lids out in hand-placed sequins, paints entire scenes or landscapes onto them and uses unconventional materials to adorn them. 

In her Snoopy tutorial, she makes recreating the “Peanuts” scene look easy. Katie paints her lid as a green hill and underneath her brow bone, she adds a blue sky. Her eyelashes become the grass and just above it she precisely draws Snoopy sleeping on top of his red dog house. 

For a “Midsommar” inspired look she glues pieces of colorful fabric flowers onto her eyebrow and at the outer corner of her eyes. She then adds green false lashes and orange eye makeup. Katie’s finished look is a more playful take on the horror movie set during summer.

To turn her eye into a glamorous scaley fish, Katie spends hours individually placing iridescent sequins onto her eye. She uses the natural shape of her eye to create the outline of the fish. The inner corner of her eye is the lips and the outer corner its tail. Katie next adds a few fins, but it’s really the green and blue sequins that make the look pop. 

The Instagram commentariat agreed that the fish eye was firece.

“This is so cute. Omg,” one Instagram user wrote

“This is so freakin cute! I looove!” another said

“Gosh, I’m speechless,” someone added. 

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