You definitely don’t wash your makeup brushes enough. Here’s how to do it right

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If you are a beauty lover, you likely have an arsenal of countless makeup brushes at your disposal for everything from foundation to bronzer to eyeshadow. But when is the last time you gave them a good scrub? No, really.

On the latest episode of Pretty Beautiful, video producer Lisa Azcona shows how to make your own DIY brush cleansing solution at home using just two items you definitely already have: dish soap and olive oil.

“You should be cleaning your makeup brushes quite frequently because they can harbor bacteria, dirt and all kinds of germs,” Lisa says. And she’s beyond right. Dirty makeup brushes can be the cause of breakouts, infections like pink eye and can even harbor E. Coli and staph. Not to mention dirty brushes can attract bugs. Yes, bugs.

OK, so clearly you should be cleaning your makeup brushes way more often than your are. In fact, some experts recommend cleaning your makeup brushes once a week — or, at the very least, when product buildup is super obvious. That said, here’s how to make your own cleaning solution at home.

To make the concoction, mix antibacterial dish soap with just a bit of olive oil. Think four parts soap to one part olive oil.

“The dish soap will disinfect and clean your makeup brushes, while the extra virgin olive oil will break down the makeup and hydrate your brushes,” Lisa says.

To use, dip each brush head into the soapy mixture to coat the brush. Lisa recommends using a silicone cleansing pad to work the mixture into the brushes, letting loose all that makeup build-up. All you need to do is give your brushes a rinse and repeat as needed. 

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Pro tip: Make sure you rise your makeup brushes upside-down so the water doesn’t run to the handle. This can cause the glue holding the brush head together to weaken — and no one wants broken brushes. Finally, lay down the makeup brushes on a towel to dry overnight. 

“I hope this hack inspires you to wash your makeup brushes more regularly,” Lisa says. Boy, we could all use that.

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