TikToker swears this super easy makeup hack will ‘hypnotize’ men

Can a makeup hack somehow make a man fall in love with you? This TikToker seems to think she’s proven that it’s really that easy.

Michelle Diaz (@bymichellediaz) shares all sorts of dating tips on her TikTok — from advice on how to live your best life no matter your relationship status to what to do when you feel the ick. But her most popular series of videos has to do with a very simple eye makeup look that apparently “enchants” men.

“I’m telling you, you’re going to hypnotize every single man who looks at your face,” she said in one TikTok.

The makeup look in question is just four white dots around each eye.

“It’s super, super easy,” she explained in a tutorial. “All you gotta [have] is your white eyeliner.”

Diaz then marked four white dots around both of her eyes.


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In another video, Diaz shared an Instagram DM she received about the makeup hack. She captioned the video, “We DON’T GATEKEEP tips to make men crazy for us.”

“I tried the two dots on my eyes recently when I went on a date, and giiirlll let me tell you, lol this man was like, I can’t stop looking at you,” the DMer wrote. “He loved it so much and even asked where I got my inspiration from.”

Commenters were beside themselves with excitement over an achievable makeup look that could possibly attract positive attention during a night out.

“I did this tonight, and I kid you not, every guy that came up to me couldn’t stop looking,” one person wrote. “It’s powerful.”

“Ever since you talked about it, I use this and feel so pretty and feminine,” another said.

“I love doing these dots!” a commenter added. “I’ve been told so many times that people are mesmerized by my eyes. I do one in the corner, one under and one by my [eyeliner] wing.”

But the powers of this eyeliner trick might be limited to specific eye and skin colors. It’s also not discussed whether it’s been tested outside of a heteronormative context.

“I feel like this looks absolutely stunning on brown or hazel eyes, but I have blue eyes, and I feel like it may not look as good,” someone commented. “Do you have any other tips for blue eyes?”

“Is there a version of this for Black girls?” another commenter asked. “When I use the white, it’s too much and doesn’t come off cute.”

Diaz also suggested gold eyeliner or rhinestones as alternatives in the comments, but not everyone was necessarily on board with the trend — no matter how “powerful” it was.

“I did this, and my parents said I looked like a clown,” a commenter joked.

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