Influencer shows her past go-to makeup look versus current one, proving how much beauty trends change

An influencer is reminding TikTok of just how quickly beauty trends come and go after sharing a photo of herself not too long ago in full glam — followed by another photo of her in a decidedly more subtle and natural makeup look.

Erica Roberts (@ericarobertss) wanted to show a before-and-after of what her go-to makeup looks were and what they are now.

First, Roberts showed a photo of herself with highlighted hair, fake eyelashes, full lips and a tan. In text overlay, she wrote, “Me after realizing highlights, thick fake lashes and 12 layers of fake tan isn’t for me.”


I do miss a full glam look now n then though

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When the TikTok video switches to show Roberts today, she’s sporting the highly popular “natural” makeup trend. The differences between the two looks are pretty stark.

In the second photo, Roberts’s hair is noticeably darker, with no trace of highlights. She’s no longer wearing fake lashes or heavy eye makeup, opting instead for natural lashes accentuated with mascara and a light eyeshadow with neutral tones. Her lips still look rich and full, but this time there’s a lot less gloss applied.

While Roberts admits in her caption that she misses the full glam look now and then, she has no regrets about toning things down. And based on the comments she’s been getting, the reactions to it have all been positive.

“You look beautiful,” one person told her.

“you so gorgggg,” added another.

“I love this trend,” said someone else, who also noted that the natural look “looks better everyyy timeeee.”

The popular makeup trend, which some say began in 2020 along with the pandemic, has seriously taken off lately. Many celebs have embraced the look, including Kylie Jenner, Hailey Bieber and other famous influencers known for their trendsetting ways. While it may very well switch back soon (after all, trends like this one can sometimes be fleeting), many fans are hoping it stays — especially since it tends to cut the makeup prep way down, which is always a plus.

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