Who is Malu Trevejo? The social media star has seen her fair share of drama

Malu Trevejo is a Cuban American singer. The 18-year-old is a rising star thanks to her bilingual music and social media following.

Trevejo started posting on Instagram and TikTok’s precursor Music.ly when she was just 14. Her dancing videos went viral and before she knew it her first single “Luna Llena” got over 44 million Vevo views in a few months. 

She has since signed a recording contract with In-Tu Línea a division of Universal Music Latino. 

Trevejo currently has 9 million Instagram followers, 1.39 million YouTube subscribers and 11.6 million TikTok followers. 

Malu Trevejo started an OnlyFans the day she turned 18.

In 2020, Trevejo started an OnlyFans to much controversy. Many felt Trevejo was posting content with misleading headlines and were upset when she raised her prices after only a couple of days.

Some claimed she had promised them nude photos for $100 but were disappointed when they were just poolside photos

She’s shared details about tough times she’s had with her family.

The teenager has shared videos that document her difficult relationship with her mother

In 2020, she discussed her mother’s drinking problem and stepfather’s substance use. Trevejo filmed an argument with her parents where she accused her mom of embezzling money from her and lied about her biological father. Trevejo claimed her mother called the police on her after she disposed of her stepfather’s narcotics. 

“She wasn’t feeding me food for like, two or three weeks on purpose,” Trevejo alleged of her mother in a TikTok. “Since I didn’t have no control over my credit cards, nothing, I wasn’t gonna be able to eat nothing. And there was nothing in the house, ‘cause she would leave the house and leave me there alone.” 

Many believed that after Trevejo posted the videos, she left home

She has quite an impressive music career under her belt. 

Trevejo’s first single “Luna Llena” has over 110 million YouTube views. Her follow-up singles “En Mi Mente” has 16 million YouTube views and “Pa La Calle” has 1 million YouTube views. 

She’s dated Danny Alfonso and Jaden Delarosa, but denied going after Vinnie Hacker.

Trevejo’s first public relationship is believed to be with Instagram star Jaden Delarosa, then with influencer Danny Alfonso in 2019. 

In October 2019, Trevejo was accused of posting provocative TikToks directed at Hype House member Vinnie Hacker

Hacker’s unresponsiveness had many social media users claiming he rejected Trevejo. She responded with an Instagram story that said, “Can’t believe I got ‘rejected’ by someone who DM’d me first saying ‘love me’ LOL.”

She was seen kissing Ryan Garcia, which led to a feud with Drea Celine.

Trevejo was spotted smooching pro boxer Ryan Garcia who was engaged to his longtime girlfriend Drea Celine at the time. Celine was pregnant with their second child when the photos leaked, leading to quite the feud between the two women. 

This led to Trevejo leaking text messages where Garcia claimed he was single and that Celine only lived with him because she was pregnant.

Other private messages showed Garcia allegedly pursuing her when she was just 15. 

She once had beef with Bhad Bhabie, aka Danielle Bergoli.

Trevejo is also famous for feuding with the rapper Bhad Bhabie (of “catch me outside” fame) for years. 

When the two were in the same group chat, in 2019, they got into an argument leading Bergoli to show up at Trevejo’s home on Instagram live. The rapper and a group of people threatened to fight Trevejo. 

Trevejo addressed the incident on Instagram live. 

“I’m mad that people want to see two teenagers fight and get into trouble and ruin their f****** career,” Trevejo said. “They did call the cops on us. I’m glad we didn’t do s*** because I would have been in jail and she would have been in jail. And I’m not pressing charges because I’m not dumb.”

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