Man accused of ‘animal cruelty,’ slammed for feeding cat ice cream

An unidentified man was criticized by social media users for sharing a bite-sized amount of ice cream with a cat in a now viral video.

On June 8, Twitter account damn_elle posted an 11-second video of the man serving the cat ice cream, using the end of a spoon. The cat initially hesitates but eventually licks the ice cream, only to soon tilt backwards as a result of receiving brain freeze.

“I think we should all watch this cat try ice cream for the first time,” the account captioned the video.

The video, which is set to rapper Vanilla Ice’s hit single “Ice Ice Baby,” has since received over 15,000 likes and over 600 responses. While some Twitter users found the clip entertaining, most were critical of the man’s behavior.

“This is actually dangerous,” one person wrote. “They have frozen the spoon for maximum effect & sent the cat into a seizure. Sorry to be that person but this isn’t cute or funny.”

“Brain freeze for a feline can cause it to seize,” another tweeted in response. “Very effed up vid. Extremely abusive to freeze the spoon. Our cats sneak ice cream licks from the bowl all the time! NEVER a reaction like this! It is obvious the cat was fine w a taste but the SOB froze the spoon! ANIMAL CRUELTY!!”

“Can we not intentionally stress animals for entertainment value?” a third asked. “This is closer to abuse than it is cute or charming.”

Intentionally giving cats brain freeze by feeding them ice cream appears to be an internet trend that dates back to 2016. In response to the fad, the Washington Post interviewed three veterinarians, two of which didn’t appear to have an issue with the practice. One, however, did.

“It’s pretty unhealthy for the cat,” Amy Cousino, a Florida veterinarian, told the newspaper. “Cats have very similar nervous pathways [to humans].”

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