Man asks his dates to fill out ‘iconic’ exit survey

To optimize his dating life, a man created an online survey where his dates can rate his performance. 

Dating can be tricky, but Google program manager Devon Loucks has it down to a science. More specifically, a data science. After several months of unsuccessful dates, the 27-year-old New York transplant wanted to improve his luck in the game of love, so he developed an exit survey for women to rate their experience. 

“I’ve created this survey to help reflect on our dating experience and allow you the chance to pinpoint highlights and lowlights throughout our time together,” the Cupid-friendly questionnaire begins, as quoted by the New York Post

Consisting of 10 questions and statements, the survey, according to the Post, first asks dates to rate the evening on a scale of one through five before moving on to more detailed inquiries regarding the conversation, Loucks’ abilities as a host, why they declined to come to his apartment and more. 

While Loucks candidly mentions in the Post that some women weren’t too keen on the survey, others dubbed it “iconic.” One woman complained over the first date venue (an English-style tavern) and wrote, “You took me to a f****** hole in the wall. Why would any girl want to go there on a first date?” 

After receiving this criticism, Loucks told the Post that he “started branching out” more regarding first date activities. While Loucks’ survey isn’t the standard first date sendoff, a dating coach told the Post that she liked the method since it demonstrates the individual is serious about improving themselves for a serious relationship.

Second-date material

So far, the survey has been a success. Loucks told the Post that he’s currently seeing Mya Dominique, a gymnast who agreed to answer the questionnaire after their first date. 

Dominique mentioned that the survey actually helped her determine that Loucks was second-date material. 

“It just made me realize that you cared enough about the date to want feedback about it,” she told the Post.

Whether you love the idea or not, Loucks’ exit-survey strategy is definitely a bold move.

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