Man blindsided by roommate’s ‘ridiculous’ financial demand: ‘You have no right’

A woman demanded her roommate cover half her vet bill, but he doesn’t think he owes her a cent.

She explained why she made the request on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. Her roommate, Mike, smokes pot in a state where it’s legal. While he was away one day, the Reddit poster went into his room. Her dog went into Mike’s room without her noticing and ate a joint he left on a table. The dog got sick so now the woman wants Mike to cover the vet expenses. 

“A couple weeks ago Mike was out of town visiting family and I needed to get something out of his room,” the Reddit poster said. “I sent him a text asking if I could get it and he said it was fine. So I unlocked his door and found what I needed then locked his door again. It took maybe three minutes and I didn’t even think about my dog following me into Mike’s room since she follows me everywhere. What I didn’t know was that Mike had an ashtray on a bedside table with half a leftover joint in it and my dog ate it without me seeing her.” 

The dog became sick about an hour later and required an emergency stomach-pumping. 

“By the next morning, she was fine, like it never happened,” the Reddit poster said. “I texted Mike about what happened and he said he completely forgot about that joint, but he also didn’t expect anyone to go into his room while he was gone and it wasn’t his fault the dog ate it. I get that my dog wouldn’t have eaten it if I hadn’t gone into his room, but I feel it was negligent on his part to leave something like that out. When I got the bill I was astounded by how big it was. I paid it, but when Mike got back I asked him to reimburse me for half of it. He reiterated that it wasn’t his fault at all so he wasn’t going to pay.”

Reddit users didn’t think Mike owed the woman anything. 

“You have no right to even ask Mike to pay anything!” one user wrote

“Hope your roommate forgives you for asking something so ridiculous,” another said

“It’s not in any way his fault,” someone commented

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