Man blown away by girlfriend’s response to his ‘very expensive’ gift: ‘I was honestly in shock’

A man gave his girlfriend’s birthday present away after her unbelievable reaction.  

He asked Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. His girlfriend had wanted a $999 iPhone 12 Pro for a while. He bought her the expensive phone, but when she saw it, she said she didn’t like the color and left. He decided to give the phone to his sister, and now his girlfriend is furious. 

“It was my girlfriend’s birthday and I got her an iPhone 12 Pro, as she has been wanting one for a while, so I saved up and it was very expensive,” the Reddit user said.

“When I surprised her with it I was expecting her to be excited, but instead, she told me that she wanted a black one, not a white one. She never told me she wanted a black, she just always said she wanted the phone itself. When I told her I didn’t know, she told me that I ruined her birthday and just left. I was honestly in shock and disbelief that she was that upset about a phone color.”

He asked his girlfriend twice if she still wanted the phone and both times she said no. So he gave the phone to his sister because hers was broken.

“A few hours later, I was in bed when my girlfriend came in and asked me where was her phone and I told her, ‘I thought you didn’t want it? I’m sorry but it’s too late now I already gave it to my sister.’ She got angry and started shouting at me saying that she thought I was joking and that it was HER phone so I had no right to give it away and started stomping her feet saying she wanted her phone back right now.”

“I lost my cool and told her, ‘You are an adult behaving like a child who didn’t get their way. I asked you twice if you wanted the phone and you said no now, please stop behaving like a toddler. She stomped her way out of the room and texted me that I was a jerk,” he wrote

Reddit users thought the girlfriend was completely in the wrong

“This is a relationship red flag,” one person said

“Girlfriend has no business acting like this and it’s only going to get worse,” another wrote

“Dump her unless you want to deal with this childish behavior for the rest of your life,” someone commented

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