Man calls out roommate over unexpected household behavior: ‘They’re taking advantage of you’

A man is upset his roommate’s girlfriend won’t cover living expenses while she lives with them. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice. The man is roommates with his childhood friend. Things were going well until the pandemic when his roommate’s girlfriend became unemployed and started living with them — rent-free. The Reddit poster tried discussing the matter several times, but each time the roommate refused to listen. 

“One day, at the beginning of the second quarantine, I talked to both about [her] paying her part of the rent and the bills and to split them in three,” the Reddit poster explained. “My roommate started arguing with me about how careless I am about his girlfriend’s situation, [because] she’s unemployed. I responded that if she isn’t able to pay rent and bills then she should come less often.” 

The Reddit poster dropped it until six months later when the girlfriend got a job. But the roommate’s response was no different. 

“My roommate said that she already was helping at home by doing his chores and buying his food. I replied that it didn’t help me at all, that I only want her to pay her part of the rent and the bills,” the poster said. 

The Reddit commentariat thought the roommate was out of line.

“Move out, they’re taking advantage of you,” one person wrote

“She should contribute if she is living there full time and has a job,” another said

“She’s mooching off of you,” someone commented.

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