Man channels ‘The Wedding Singer’ for his mid-flight proposal

When most people think of romance they don’t necessarily think of Adam Sandler. But 1998’s blockbuster comedy “The Wedding Singer,” starring the comedian and Drew Barrymore as his love interest, is still a fan favorite today

So when Jason Ramin was ready to propose to his girlfriend Shantel, while on their way to the Turks and Caicos Islands, he channeled the most iconic scene of the film. Sandler, acoustic guitar in hand, serenades Barrymore with “Grow Old With You,” as he walks down the aisle of a plane

Ramin enlisted the help of a few Chicago-based United Airlines flight attendants to make the proposal happen mid-flight. Shantel, who doesn’t suspect a thing, is napping in her seat and thinks Ramin is just going to the bathroom. 

“We’re bringing you some very special United in-flight entertainment,” one of the attendants announces. “One of our passengers would like to sing you a song.” 

Ramin starts playing over the loudspeaker. Sleepy Shantel still seems a bit oblivious until he emerges down the aisle with a guitar and finally gets her attention. The girl is beaming by the time Ramin is singing before her on one knee. 

“I could be the man who grows old with you,” Ramin sings. “I wanna grow old with you.” 

Then he finally debuts the ring. And while the exact words he uses are inaudible during the intimate moment, she says yes.

United Airlines posted the touching proposal on Twitter

“Congratulations!! Have a long and loving life together!” a Twitter user wrote

“Gives a whole new meaning to united,” one said

“100% in love… Great job, guys. And congrats, Jason and Shantel,” one person wrote

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