Man concerned by girlfriend’s reaction to his major financial decision: ‘You don’t want to be stuck with a mooch’

A man is determined to move him and his girlfriend out of his parent’s house. But his girlfriend isn’t too enthusiastic about it.

He explained the situation on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum. He and his girlfriend have lived at his parent’s house for two years. They are wage workers, but his girlfriend can’t seem to keep a job for long. When he found a way to get affordable housing, he jumped on the chance, but his girlfriend wasn’t excited in the least.

“We’ve talked about getting an apartment for several years but have never really been able to,” he wrote. “We both worked at McDonald’s together, but I quit and now I’ve been a bank teller for two years. She left but has been bouncing around various part-time jobs, usually never lasting very long before quitting; most recently, just one day. She’s been unemployed for a couple of weeks now and focusing on art and her Etsy shop, which I have been super supportive of.”

Most places required more than they could afford to move in. 

“I knew of one complex in a very nice, new suburban area that was income-restricted,” he explained. “I knew we would qualify for it because two of my coworkers each had their own place there on their income alone. We talked about it, and two days ago, I told her I was going over to check it out and get some info while she slept in. I ended up putting us on the waitlist, thinking it might be a few months. Today, they called and offered a move-in next month if we can go today to fill out the applications. I agreed right away, and after I got off work, we went down there to apply. She’s super upset because I didn’t run it by her first, and we didn’t talk about if we should right now.” 

Reddit users thought he should move forward with or without his girlfriend’s approval.

“Your girlfriend sounds immature and lost, and you don’t want to be stuck with a mooch if she doesn’t change,” one person wrote.

“You did nothing wrong by taking care of business; that’s what grown folks do,” another commented.

“If she can’t be part of the solution, she shouldn’t become a problem either,” a user said

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