Man deeply troubled by girlfriend’s ‘crazy’ new hobby: ‘I hate it’

A man isn’t sure what to do about his girlfriend’s new, unusual hobby

He asked for advice on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum after the couple got into an argument about it. During the lockdown, his girlfriend decided to become a witch. In the beginning, he thought it was just a way to pass the time, but now he thinks she’s taking things a bit too seriously. 

She keeps saying that she’s a witch and she has filled our house with herbs, candles, crystals, rune sets and weird trinkets,” he explained. “At first, I didn’t care because I thought it’d be a temporary thing but I was very wrong. She gets up at three in the morning just to do rituals and spells or whatever it is witches do. My girlfriend burns so much incense that it gives me a headache and makes our house smell strange, I hate it. She also tries to make me drink random herbal teas that taste like shit. I really was trying to be supportive but it’s starting to frustrate me.”

The Reddit poster snapped at his girlfriend when she sprayed a strange mist on him. 

“A few hours ago, I came home from work and as soon as she saw me she told me that she senses ‘bad energy’ and started SPRAYING some mist thing on and around me,” he said. “So I may have snapped and told her that she was acting crazy and she needs to let this witch thing go because she’s not a real witch. My girlfriend was offended and told me I wasn’t a supportive boyfriend.” 

Reddit users think the girlfriend may have crossed a line. 

“She crossed a line when she started to spray you directly,” one person wrote

“Girlfriend is crossing a line by forcing her boyfriend to participate,” another said

“The spraying was definitely out of line and rude,” someone commented

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