Man discovers creepy abandoned apartment in his attic

A Reddit user was taken aback when he climbed through a “small square hole” into his attic and discovered an entire secret apartment.

The user, who goes by CatchingWindows, posted several photos of the “creepy,” decaying apartment, which looks like it’s straight out of a horror film.

“There’s a house in my attic…” CathingWindows captioned the original post, which has more than 18,000 upvotes in the r/interestingasf*** subreddit.

Inside the secret apartment upstairs, CatchingWindows said he found a bunch of junk: an old cabinet, a tire, a hat, a toilet and a sink, plus “lots of dirt” and “spiders.”

Credit: Imgur/FuqAlunchLine

Apparently, CatchingWindows’ current home used to be a church, and before that, it was “a store where the owners lived upstairs.”

“I’m guessing the church owners didn’t want to bother with knocking it down so they just built around it,” CatchingWindows theorized.

Fellow Reddit users are understandably creeped out by the abandoned attic apartment.

“Does a clown live there by the name of penny wise?” one person joked.

“Looks like its straight from a horror movie,” another user commented.

“Your attic house looks like a beginning to a horror movie,” a third person reiterated.

Some people pointed out that the apartment in the attic even has its own attic, which could be full of more chilling treasures.

Credit: Imgur/FuqAlunchLine

“Did you check the attic of that?” one person asked.

“Uhh … s***,” CatchingWindows replied.

One attic at a time, people!

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