Man under fire after claiming his wife ‘uses’ her pregnancy as an excuse: ‘Suck it up’

A husband is under fire for badmouthing his pregnant wife to their mutual friends. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” (AITA) forum to defend himself but it didn’t exactly go over well. The husband believes his wife is using her pregnancy to get out of doing chores and he told their friends that in a group message behind her back. 

“AITA for telling my friends I think my wife uses her pregnancy as an excuse to get out of things?” he wrote. “The fact is that she’s been hard to be around and demanding since she got pregnant and wants to be pampered all the time. I don’t mind a lot of it since it’s what I signed up for, but I’m working full time and have a lot on my plate. In addition to taking care of her, I’m helping to take care of my sick grandmother. That makes it hard to not only do everything I was doing but most of what she did before she got pregnant.” 

He said he understood his wife, who is four months pregnant with twins, opting out of some things like heavy-lifting but he thought there were other tasks she could still do.

“Somehow word of what I said got back to her and it was not good,” the husband explained. “I tried to explain to her that it was mostly venting and that it wasn’t fair to take me to task over this because it was meant to be a private conversation, but she said that was BS. We then had an argument about whether my comments were inappropriate. I refused to take them back because I feel there is a lot of truth to them, but she thinks I am being too hard on her and have no empathy for what she’s experiencing. […] I was venting. In that context, I don’t see how I was really bad-mouthing her.” 

Reddit users pretty much went in on the guy. 

“Suck it up,” one wrote

“You are completely in the wrong to think this about your pregnant wife,” another said

“If you’re having issues with your wife, you talk to her about them. You don’t go venting to other people behind her back,” someone commented.

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