Man faces backlash over ‘controlling’ rules for his wife’s social media accounts: ‘Get a grip’

A man tried to control his wife’s social media behavior but it didn’t go over well. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to ask for advice. When he discovered his wife was liking Facebook posts by her attractive male coworker, he grew upset. He then threatened to break up with her if she liked another attractive man’s photos online.

“My wife has a coworker that she finds attractive,” he explained. “I know this because I have seen him like her Facebook posts and I asked her if she thought he was attractive and she said yes. She said so what though, she’s human and can disguise between attractive and unattractive people. I have no real reason to think anything is going on as she has many coworkers on her social media accounts. She says she likes everyone’s posts as she’s scrolling and her coworkers all like each other’s stuff.” 

He then demanded she stops liking posts of any attractive men at all. 

“I told her if she likes his posts or any male she finds attractive posts, I’ll have to stop talking to her and take a step back and re-evaluate,” he said. “In my eyes, liking posts is giving someone attention and she shouldn’t be giving attractive men attention. I’m her husband and 100% of the attention she gets should come from me and vice versa. No wife of mine is going to go online and do that. She said I gave her an ultimatum but I feel like I’m just setting a boundary.”

Reddit users did not think the husband was in the right at all

“You are indeed being jealous and controlling,” someone commented

“Get a grip,” another advised.

“Controlling people like you need to be single,” a user suggested.

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