Man films ‘intense’ leap from second-highest mountain in Africa

Tim Howell is a 31-year-old BASE jumper and climber. BASE is an acronym for building, antenna, span and earth — each being a structure these extreme athletes might jump from. Howell, a former member of the Royal Marines, leaped from Mount Kenya, the second-highest mountain in Africa at 17,057 feet high.

Howell wore a wingsuit to make the big leap. First, he had to reach the summit which entailed a long hike and a very scary climb. 

“OK, mate. 3-2-1, see ya,” Howell said before making the big jump.

He soared through the air, head-first, as he descended down the mountain, which made for a stunning view. Despite the great height, Howell’s trip only lasted a few seconds. The landing appeared to be a bit difficult as the terrain was rocky and filled with spiky-shrubs. But Howell was safe in the end. 

“That was intense. Did not like that at all,” Howell said out of breath.

But he couldn’t have been too upset since he finished things off with a resounding, “Woohoo!” 

This isn’t Howell”s first BASE jump at Mount Kenya. In 2017, he leapt from 14,107 feet on the mountain. Howell started jumping at Mount Kenya after seeing a mere photo of it.

“While researching Kenya and possible places to jump, I found a picture of a sheer vertical wall overlooking an alpine lake,” Howell told A Life of Adventure. “That’s the moment of inspiration. And it’s also when the proper research starts. I had to look at the cliff from various pictures online, to see if it was big enough and vertical enough, then look on google earth to see if there was a possible landing area and then a route out once I had landed. But it all looked very feasible.”

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