Man forgets to wear pants during a work Google Hangout

Portland’s country radio station hosts of  98.7 The Bull were having a run-of-the-mill work Google Hangout until things got awkward. One colleague, Tony Russell, forgot to close out his chat window when the meeting ended. Russell got up from his chair and gave coworkers Jenny Hayes, Danny Dwyer and MoJoe Roberts a full view of his underwear. 

Like thousands of Americans in video calls, Russell was only dressed for the occasion from the waist up. Russell’s coworkers watched as he stretched his back obliviously. He even gave his butt a few scratches. The trio watched, laughing hysterically while making failed attempts at getting Russell’s attention. 

“Tony! Tony!” Hayes screamed. But alas, Russell had them all muted. 

The three could hardly keep their composure until, finally, Hayes called Russell. 

“Tony, I can see you in your underwear,” Hayes said.

Russell’s head darted directly at the camera. He quickly sprinted out of the room and down the hall. Hayes, Dwyer and Roberts were left to guffaw at the ordeal. The radio hosts shared the debacle on YouTube where it received 1.3 million views. Versions of the clip have also gone viral on Facebook, where users are having a field day with Russell’s mistake.

“Totally caught off guard. Good thing he’s still wearing decent underwear,” one Facebook user wrote

“This is the reason why I never turn on my webcam. I even placed a paper tape on it,” another said.

One student could even relate to Russell’s predicament. 

“This is so true. Most of us have class in the morning as well so we wake up on our bed and go straight to class. Some of us are not dressed,” the student said. 

Check out Russell’s very relatable moment in the video above.

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