Man fumbles the bag, names spin instructor as ‘dream girl’ in game with wife

Looks like spin class is canceled indefinitely for one guy.

A man posted on Reddit’s AITA (Am I the A**hole) forum to ask if he really did mess up when he did not name his wife as his “dream girl” in a game with friends.

The man, whose Reddit username is BranchLones, shared that he and his wife had been getting into trivia nights with their friends on Zoom. The newlywed game involves asking one couple a question and one writes down the answer and the other partner has to guess what they put down. Whichever couple knows each other the best wins.

The game is already set up for fights between couples, naturally, but BranchLones really blew it when the question was, “Who is your dream woman/man to have sex with.”

“I wrote down my spin instructor, since my wife knows I think she’s hot, and thought she’d guess her and we’d get a point,” BranchLones wrote in the post. “Turns out every other husband either wrote down their wife or a celebrity/fictional character.”

If you’re crippled with secondhand embarrassment for the wife, you are not alone. The friends awkwardly left game night so BranchLones could deal with the backlash.

“My wife was livid, and upset. I tried to explain I didn’t actually want to do anything with my spin instructor and I would never even briefly consider being unfaithful, it was just me trying to play the game.”

It certainly didn’t help that the other husbands put down their wives or an unattainable celebrity crush.

“I feel really bad, but also really confused. I don’t know how to deal with this. Is she overreacting or am I an a**hole?”

Oh, boy. Reddit had a lot to say in response to BranchLones.

“Who humiliates their wife in front of friends?” the top post says. “Good grief man.”

“You don’t write someone down that you could very well go and cheat with. It’s supposed to be somebody super out of your league or inaccessible, hence why it’s a dream!” another person wrote. “But someone that you know and see regularly? Really??????”

“I suddenly have an idea for a new Peloton commercial,” someone joked.

It’s unclear whether there will ever be another game night again.

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