Man furious over wife’s ‘emasculating’ behavior: ‘[He] needs to get a grip’

A woman’s husband felt emasculated by her actions toward his brother.

She went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” (AITA) forum to get advice. When she and her husband were visiting his wealthy brother, she complimented her brother-in-law’s massive new house. Her husband, however, didn’t approve of her behavior. 

“AITA for emasculating my husband by complimenting his brother’s new house?” the woman wrote. “My husband’s brother is a successful plastic surgeon and he’s got money, so their house is nice. It’s huge and airy and bright and gorgeous. Straight out of Architectural Digest. For reference, my husband and I are a regular middle class with a middle-class home.” 

The brother-in-law gave her and the husband a walk-through of the home. 

“Legit every room was gorgeous and had something unique, so I admit I was fawning over the place,” the user said. “After the tour, we sat down and had dinner and just talked like normal people do. I’m good with picking up social cues. I could tell that my brother-in-law and his wife were happy and enjoying the dinner. I could also tell that my husband was uncomfortable and sort of curt.”

Afterward, the husband exploded at her in the car.

“I was about to ask him what was wrong before he exploded saying that I embarrassed him, that I obviously think his brother is the winner and that I should’ve married someone with more money if a fancy home is all I want,” the wife explained. “I didn’t like how he was speaking so I didn’t handle it very nicely either, I told him, don’t take your jealousy out on me. […] My husband has less money than his brother, this is something I’ve always known and never had a problem with. I don’t know why he’s acting like this is all some big development.”

Reddit felt the husband may have overreacted. 

“Your husband needs to get a grip,” one user wrote

“What a fragile ego,” another commented.

“Sounds like hubby needs to come to terms with his jealousy of his brother,” someone added.

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