Man has the most adorably confused reaction to his boyfriend’s marriage proposal

TikToker Paris Nicholson’s (@parisnicholson) utterly confused reaction to his boyfriend’s proposal had viewers simultaneously in tears and in stitches.


The HOTLY requested video of my proposal is here. I was under the impression that *I* had planned this weekend trip to TX but that’s exactly what @dwightbrooks wanted me to think 🥹 #gay #marraige #proposal #lovewins #engagement #engagementring #gaycouple #gaywedding

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A romantic marriage proposal doesn’t have to be super fancy. Just ask Nicholson, who recently shared a video from when his fiancé, Dwight Brooks (@dwightbrooks), popped the question. Viewers can’t get over his adorably confused reaction. 

The clip opens with a shot of the two men standing on a rock in an open field in Texas. Sporting an outfit perfectly color-coordinated with the green vista, Brooks gets down on one knee and pulls out a ring.

Baby, I don’t know how I’m supposed to do this, but,” Brooks says before the clip cuts to a close-up of Nicholson’s bewildered expression. 

After Brooks pops the question, a stunned Nicholson can only muster “What?” in response.

Baby, will you marry me?” Brooks repeats, to which Nicholson replies, “Babe! What is happening?” 

“Will you marry me?” Brooks asks again through chuckles. “What? Yes. Eww,” Nicholson blurts out, eliciting laughter from their friends off-camera. 

As the reality of the situation sets in, Nicholson becomes increasingly confused. “Are you asking me to marry you right now?” he asks before Brooks tells him to put out his hand.

“Eww, it fits perfect,” Nicholson exclaims in tears. The newly engaged couple embrace while the sounds of a flashing camera click in the background. 

“What is happening? This is so ugly,” Nicholson sobs, covering his tear-soaked face with his hands. The camera moves closer to the couple to get a shot of the engagement ring, featuring a single diamond with an elegant gold band. 

“I’ve been absolutely ambushed today,” Nicholson says before kissing Brooks as the video comes to a close. 

“When you don’t want to cry …”

The sweet proposal video had hearts melting all over TikTok

“The ‘Ewws,’ the fabulous handbags, and the love,” one user noted. 

“When you don’t want to cry, so you opt for confusion instead,” joked one TikToker.

“If my proposal doesn’t go like this, I don’t want it,” one viewer stated. 

As much as TikTokers loved the proposal, they’re definitely excited to see the couple’s wedding.

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