Man infuriates girlfriend after adding ‘costly’ typo to her resume: ‘Neither of us noticed’

A man’s girlfriend is upset with him for incorrectly saving her resume file. 

He went on Reddit’s “Today I F***** Up” forum to share his screw-up. The mistake occurred three months ago, but he and his girlfriend only recognized it now. The problem is that his blunder meant his girlfriend was sending out a resume with a wildly inappropriate mistake for months. 

“One day while my girlfriend was at work she asked me to go on her computer which was open at home,” the user wrote. “All I had to do was re-save her resume in a new file. Whilst saving said resume, her computer thought it would be funny to change the name header back to the profile user name: PRINCESS BANANA HAMMOCK, which was then shortened to Princess Banana Hamm due to spacing. Neither of us noticed. Fast forward to today, she goes to update her resume to apply for a new job and there it was. The bane of her existence. We both immediately realized why she hasn’t been getting called back for any interviews. Needless to say she’s not too impressed with me right now.”

Reddit users sympathized with the boyfriend’s gaffe.

“You went to do a solid favor and a slight oversight might have turned into a costly mistake,” one person wrote. 

“Honestly, at a certain point it became her fault for not double-checking her resume each time she submitted it,” another said

“Your girlfriend is responsible for her content,” someone commented.

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