Man is seeking out a new apartment for his move from the suburbs to NYC

On this episode of In The Know: Find My Dream Room, host Will Taylor (@brightbazaar) helps Mike make the big move from the suburbs to a sunlit, 1-bedroom apartment in the Upper West Side of New York City, while maintaining a budget of under $2,200. 

The first apartment Will shows Mike is a 1-bedroom that’s priced right on the money for Mike’s budget, at $2,200 a month. Mike is impressed by the nice size of the bedroom, as well as the natural light-filled living room and spacious kitchen, which also has its own window. Overall, Mike is feeling good about the first unit, and is even a “little suspicious” given that the unit has everything Mike is looking for. 

Unit #2 is a 1-bedroom that’s going for $2,700 a month, which is slightly over budget. The unit has a more “open plan” design than the last unit. Mike likes how the sunlit apartment looks really bright, and notices that the apartment has a more modern feel with newer appliances and fixtures. However, the bedroom is a bit smaller than the last unit, and the bathroom is located on the other side of the apartment from the bedroom. On a positive note, the building is packed with amenities like a doorman, a rooftop, and an elevator. 

Apartment #3 is a studio unit, with a price of $1,695 a month. Despite originally wanting a 1-bedroom, Mike is pleasantly surprised with how much he likes the studio. With its natural light and exposed brick walls, the unit is “very quintessential New York City,” according to Mike. Plus, the unit is closer to downtown than the first two apartments. 

Three weeks later, Mike reveals that he went with apartment #1! The roomy kitchen and the natural light were the big selling points for Mike. “I definitely think I made the right choice,” says the satisfied customer.

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