Man kicks out roommate over ‘sneaky’ at-home behavior: ‘The beginning of a nightmare’

A homeowner felt guilty after kicking his roommate out and went on Reddit’s “Am I the A*****” forum for advice on his decision. 

He didn’t have an issue with his roommate at first. The problem arose when the roommate’s boyfriend began to stay over every night. Then the homeowner was shocked to learn she let two people stay in the guest bedroom without permission. 

“Roommate got a boyfriend and was around all the time, at first I just figured he was sleeping over here and there as is reasonable for any couple,” the homeowner wrote. “My girlfriend sleeps over now and again too but it quickly went to the level of where I would wake up to get my coffee and this dude was there every morning, midday and evening.”

He spoke to the roommate about it and she said she would handle it. Then things took a turn. 

“Well, I went to visit my parents for two weeks a little over two months ago and when I got home I came home to three people, turns out that my roommate had been allowing her boyfriend’s parents to sleep in the guest room,” the user said. “Now the guest room is not part of the agreement, it’s entirely mine and not a shared space, you can imagine I was pissed. Unfortunately instead of apologizing her boyfriend got angry and started cursing at me after which I kicked him and his parents out, told him he was no longer welcome, the next day I served my roommate with a 30-day eviction notice.” 

Reddit users thought the homeowner was in the right. 

“She could have discussed this with you and talked about her boyfriend moving in, or paying rent short-term, but she avoided it and did something sneaky,” one user commented

“This was the beginning of a nightmare,” another wrote

“You did the right thing by kicking her out,” someone said

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