Man leaves girlfriend in tears after ‘hiding’ her beauty supplies: ‘What is wrong with you?’

A man hid all of his girlfriend’s beauty supplies and after the story went viral, she dumped him. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to explain his actions and was promptly roasted by the comments section. His girlfriend is in dermatology school and also the breadwinner in their relationship, so she buys and owns a lot of skincare. The boyfriend simply didn’t like that she spent her money on beauty products, so one day he hid them. 

“Basically I hid my girlfriend’s skincare collection. I was planning on throwing it all away until she freaked out about it,” he wrote. “She’s in school to become a dermatologist, but seriously. I don’t know anyone in school with this much of a collection. I’ve tried for months to tell her this isn’t healthy and she needs help, but she tells me because she pays the bills in our apartment and for my food and ‘other hobbies,’ she’s allowed to do whatever she wants with her extra money. But to me, it’s completely wasteful.”

So while his girlfriend was working a double-shift one day he hid all of her skincare in multiple trash bags. 

“When she came home at around 12 a.m. exhausted and just wanted to wash her face all of her products were missing, obviously,” the boyfriend explained. “She immediately came to me in almost hysterics about how everything is gone and she thinks we were robbed. I told her we weren’t and that she doesn’t need all this stuff because she’s beautiful already. I told her I took it away because she doesn’t need all this garbage. Within seconds her mood changed and she wouldn’t even look at me. She took her blankets to the couch and slept there, crying.”

The boyfriend returned her skincare but after the post went viral he revealed she broke up with him. 

“We broke up and she’s blocked me on everything,” the user wrote

The Reddit commentariat thought the boyfriend was extremely misguided. 

“WTF is wrong with you? How on earth did you think this was anything like a good idea?” one person wrote. 

“She’s literally in school studying to be a dermatologist,” another user noted

“What right do you have to steal her stuff?” someone commented

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