Man leaves wife in tears after date night gone wrong: ‘You completely turned her down’

A husband was called out for making his wife cry on a night that was supposed to be special

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for advice after the incident. He and his wife Sarah discovered they were expecting their first child recently. They’re both still working long hours, but one night Sarah surprised him with his favorite dinner. She also got all dressed up for the occasion. But trouble unfolded when Sarah felt like he didn’t put in much effort.

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“My wife Sarah is a senior surgeon and works very long hours,” the Reddit poster said. “We discovered very recently that she is pregnant. While we were both delighted, it didn’t take long for us to decide that I would be the one to take time off to look after the baby, as she is by far the higher earner. I work in maintenance so I’m still going to work. I work long hours too as well as crazy shift patterns including nights and weekends. Because of that and because everything is shut, we haven’t been able to spend much time together.” 

Then one day the husband came home to a surprise dinner from Sarah. 

“I got home yesterday and she made me my favorite meal. More than that, she was fully dressed up,” he explained. “I’m talking evening gown, heels, hair fully done, etc. She looked so beautiful I wanted to marry her all over again. However, I was tired. I’d been working a 12-hour shift and just wanted to relax. I threw on a tracksuit and t-shirt and when I came downstairs she was obviously disappointed. She asked if I wasn’t going to dress up and I said I was tired and just wanted to eat. It was quite awkward between us for the rest of the meal and when it was done she went upstairs and said ‘remind me never to make an effort again.’ Later as I was going to bed I heard her crying in the spare room. I went in to comfort her, but she told me to go away and leave her alone.” 

Reddit users thought the husband should have played things differently that night. 

“She feels like you completely turned her down, she felt rejected by you,” someone wrote

“It takes roughly the same energy to throw on slacks and a nice shirt as it did to throw on a tracksuit and a t-shirt,” another said

“Put something nice on. This is really a minimal effort in the grand scheme of things,” a user wrote

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