Man ‘livid’ over best friend’s surprise financial decision: ‘I really don’t understand’

A man bought his friend’s childhood home but is now second-guessing the decision. 

He went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum for feedback on the matter. When he found out a friend’s parents were selling their house, it seemed like the perfect fit. But after the deal was finalized, the user’s friend felt betrayed.  

“I’ve got a friend, K that I’ve known since we were 5 and now we’re in our mid-30s,” the user explained. “Me and my wife have a kid and would like one more at least so we’re looking to buy a house. We currently live in a two-bedroom flat and it’s getting small. We were looking at listings online when I came across my friend’s childhood home. Turns out his parents were looking to downsize and were selling their house. Honestly, it was perfect for us: five bedrooms, garden space, close to the station.” 

He called the friend’s dad who seemed enthusiastic about the transaction.

“He was very open to the idea of selling to me and even said he was glad ‘it was staying in the family’ (our families are also close),” the user said. “We dealt with each other directly, without an estate agent and therefore he was able to give me a nice discount. All that was in October, but my friend has been livid ever since. He keeps saying how I’d ‘bought his childhood’ and I was ‘taking advantage of his parents’ by having paid them less.”

Reddit users didn’t think the man overstepped by buying the house.

“I really don’t understand what your friend’s problem is here,” one user wrote

“Sounds like jealousy to me,” another said

“If he felt that strongly about the house, he should have bought it himself,” someone commented

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