Man confesses to stealing classmate’s lunch in first grade — now he’s making amends

A man confessed that he would steal a kid’s lunch every day in first grade. Now, he’s trying to make amends. 

Comedian and TikToker Joe Erwin bullied a friend out of their lunch every day in elementary school. But now that he’s an adult, he understands how his childhood antics were actually hurtful to his friend named Dylan. Although he hadn’t seen Dylan since first grade, Erwin was determined to reconnect. 

The comedian confessed that when he participated in the popular TikTok trend, “What’s a terrible thing you did as a child that you feel really bad about as an adult?” 

He explained that Dylan was a little guy, so he didn’t think Dylan required as much food as him. Erwin would distract Dylan and take his pizza — and even when Dylan explicitly told Erwin to stop, Erwin would just eat Dylan’s pizza right in front of Dylan’s face. 

“I’d absolutely house that pizza right in front of him, and he didn’t get to eat lunch,” Erwin said. “Dylan, if you’re out there, I’m sorry, man. And I want to take you out to the most expensive pizza place that you could think of.” 

Erwin’s honest video racked up over 8.3 million views and 1.4 million likes on TikTok. 

In a follow-up post, Erwin revealed that he used his old yearbook to track down Dylan on Facebook. It turned out that Dylan had watched some of Erwin’s videos without even realizing Erwin was his old bully.

“This is amazing! Haha. Of course, I remember you, and I’ve seen your fantasy O-line TikToks. I remember this happening, but I had no clue it was you. Next time I’m in Tulsa, pizza’s on you, man!” Dylan told Erwin in a message. 

The two are working on setting a date to reconnect sometime in April or May. While Erwin admitted that he was wrong to bully Dylan and regrets other mistakes in his past, he credited finding his religious faith at 17 with helping him to understand his actions. 

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